Tree Care in New Plymouth

New Plymouth is a small city with a temperate climate situated at the foot of a very dominant volcano on the far west corner of the North Island of New Zealand. The city services and extremely economically potent agricultural sector and mining sector, and as the hub for a number of towns that ring the mountain.

The city has a very green appearance, as successive councils have managed to retain a large amount of native forestry within the city boundary, and have also been diligent about planting trees throughout the city and on the environs. There are a lot of beautiful native and exotic trees in and around New Plymouth, and these all need to be maintained, especially after a severe storm which generally occurs at least once per year.

The city is well served by the arborist sector, and any homeowner, business owner, Council or farmer can find a suitable arborist for their particular problem simply by searching online for arborist New Plymouth. While there are some arborists who specialise in certain sectors such as commercial forestry, most of the arborist listed will work for residential, commercial, farming and Forestry groups.

The arborist is by definition the highly specialised trade, where the arborist needs a very good understanding of the types of trees they are looking after and how best to prune and manage them. They also need a very good understanding and be qualified for full safety operation given that they are dealing with a lot of dangerous situations in their job and dealing with a dangerous machine, the chainsaw. The arborist needs to be fit and strong and comfortable with working at heights hanging from a rope up a tree and they need to be very confident and proficient in the operation of their chainsaw.

The real differentiation between different arborist companies is really around the skill level of the staff and how productive they can be while being 100 safe. The productivity difference between a highly productive team and an average team can be vast. And the very best teams can operate at least twice as efficiently as the rest. This means that the very best teams can quote considerably lower for any work, plus can command a higher hourly rate than other companies for the work.

The absolute key for a professional and very efficient arborist company is to have highly skilled and qualified staff particularly in the areas of operating a chainsaw, tree climbing and the operation of the tree grabbing digger. A second major requirement is to simply have very good equipment and machinery that basically never breaks down. While the good equipment and machinery can simply be purchased, the high quality staff need to be attracted, trained and retained.

There is always a battle for very good stuff between the various arborist companies, but the very best companies also have a very intensive an integrated training and qualification program. The reason for this is very simple, and it is that their entire business future depends on their stuff.

How To Find A Good Mortgage Broker In New Zealand

If you need a good mortgage broker in order to get a better mortgage then you can get through your own bank, or in order to refinance an existing loan with a different bank or certainly accessing the best deal on the market,  then the most common way you’re going to find a mortgage broker is just by searching on Google. You may be lucky and know someone you trust who is able to recommend a good mortgage broker to you,  for you may even have a mortgage broker that you have used in the past that you trust and respect. However, word of mouth and referrals may not be your  most trusted method now, and you may prefer to search on the Internet.

You will be confronted with a bewildering number of mortgage brokers and all the major centres and even the minor centres in New Zealand,  and it may be difficult for you to decide purely from their websites whether a mortgage broker will be good for you or not.

You can rest somewhat easy knowing that mortgage brokers today  are far more competent, reliable and ethical then they were up to 10 years ago. This is because the government brought in somewhat onerous regulations that forced mortgage brokers to gain good qualifications by sitting difficult examinations, and also forced them to ensure that they had a complaints process in their company ensure that they were part of a formal disputes resolution scheme.

Additionally you can be comforted by the fact that the Internet is an excellent Leveller, and if any mortgage broker is behaving and  incompetently or an ethically then they will be found out and reported to the authorities.

The reality is that almost all mortgage brokers near me will be fully competent and reliable and also they will be able to operate remotely from anywhere in New Zealand. What this means is that, for the average consumer requiring the services of a mortgage broker, they have virtually the whole country to choose from assuming they do not need to have a face to face meeting with a mortgage broker. A Skype video call is a perfectly good alternative.


Watch this video to find out more:


How To Solder Copper

The reason to solder a copper pipe is when you need to join two pipes together, but you don’t want to hire a plumber. There are several ways to do this and in this session we explain how to solder a copper pipe. Another method is using an attachment that clicks the copper pipe into the attachment and in this way joins the pipes together. However, it is important to know how to solve how to solder a copper pipe in the traditional manner.

You will need equipment to solder the pipes together. First you will need a gas cylinder to heat the copper pipe; lead-free solder [it must be lead free if you are using it for drinking water]; flux paste with a brush to apply it [the flux is used to add it to the pipe prior to soldering].

You will also need something to clean the copper pipe. There are various tools or equipment to do this – it could be sand or grit paper or a tool that you slip into slip the pipe into, that has wire brushes. A wire brush is also useful and used to clean the inside of the copper pipe prior to soldering it together.

You will also need a pipe cutter that has a blade on the top and a blade on the bottom. Use the tool to cut the pipe. Turn it each time you snug and turn the pipe, the pipe cutter cuts through the copper a little more. Most cutters have built-in deburring reamers. Use it to remount the inside of the pipe –  this is to smooth it out. Sometimes you will need to solder additional pipe to your existing fittings. If this is the case, be careful not to heat the pipe up too much when soldering.

When the pipe is clean both inside and outside, it is now time to apply the flux paste. You can use a brush or alternatively use a Q-tip or stick, particularly adding flux to the inside of the pipe. Do not use your fingers to apply the flux or it will contaminate and not solder correctly.

Now prepare to solder. Get your gas cylinder to heat the copper pipe on the top. Now get the solder, fold it at right angles and heat up the pipe at the back. Heat up the pipe at the joint front and place the solder at the back. You will know when it is hot enough as the solder will begin to melt. To summarise, heat the coupling at the front and then feed the solder over onto the opposite side. In this way, the solder is attracted to the heat source and so is spread. Done in this manner you will not need to solder around the complete side circumference of the pipe. Then call up plumbers Queenstown because you need their help.

When you have finished, take a wet rag and wipe it down. The wet rag helps to cool the pipe down. Always make sure you are wearing protective eye goggles and gloves when soldering.

DIY Electrical Work Versus Hiring an Electrical Contractor

New Zealand law allows quite a lot of electrical work to be undertaken by the homeowner and residential property provided care and attention is taken.

I had an experience many years ago when my new house was being built where I was quoted a very high price for the very minimum number of light switches and powerpoints. I studied up the law and came to the conclusion that my Bachelor of electrical engineering degree qualified me to carry out all my own house wiring. Of course I knew nothing about how to wire a house but I certainly knew how to study and so I purchased the very large electricians Handbook from the correspondence school and set to work on my property.

For the same cost as the original quotation from the electrician Whangarei I was able to virtually triple the number of light switches and powerpoints, although I did come unstuck in a number of key areas. I forgot to make sure that all cable runs in the walls with vertical down to the light switch for PowerPoint and this meant that after we moved into the house we had no knowledge we are it was safe to have a nails on the wall for pictures etc. I also forgot to install the hot water remote switch cable for the power company, which meant that I had to run this from the foundation fuse box up through the house frame and walls into the main switch box after all the walls have been lined and the kids room had been fully installed. Although this was somewhat embarrassing but was also a very good learning experience.

When it came time for the final inspection the city council inspector was not impressed by my careful lacing and forming of all the live leads in the main fuse box, as this presented quite a significant fire risk. The easily fixed the problem by cutting all the ties and spreading all the wires into a spaghetti mix.

After I completed the work I published an internal document for all my engineering colleagues at work on how to properly install the wiring in your own home. It was gratefully received.